Feeding Snakes – Food Sizes

We breed our own food here as we believe it to be higher quality than mass produced frozen rats and mice bought from a shop. It also works out a lot cheaper for us!

We realise this is not practical for everyone, so we try and label our feeding cards with the size closest to shop bought sizes as possible. We also use a mixture of fresh food and defrosted to ensure they are not fussy feeders when they leave us!

Most snakes are fed approximately once a week. When you get a new snake home, it will sometimes need a bit of time to settle in before it is fed, normally around a week is fine. Then you can slot it in to your normal feeding routine at home. If they are fed on a Monday here, it doesn’t mean you can’t feed on a Thursday if that is your normal feeding day!

Rat sizes are listed as follows:

  • Rat pup (RP) – 3-8g
  • Rat Fluff (RF) – 9-19g
  • Small Weaner Rat (SWR) – 20-29g
  • Weaner Rat (WR) – 30-44g
  • Small Rat (SR) – 45-84g
  • Medium Rat (MR) – 85-174g
  • Large Rat (LR) – 175-274g
  • Extra Large Rat (XLR) – 275-374g
  • Double XL (XXLR) – 375-474g
  • Triple XL (XXXLR) – 475-600g

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