Royal Pythons

Royal Pythons are one of Sami’s favourite species, and being as they do not take up much space, we have a few. They come in such variety of colours, and it is so exciting to create combinations, that we love keeping and breeding them!

Some of the genes we work with are:

[box] * Albino * Axanthic * Banded * Black Pastel * Butter * Chocolate * Dinker * Fire * Genetic Stripe * Granite * Hypo / Ghost * Kali * Lesser Platinum * Mojave * Pastel * Piebald * Pinstripe * Spotnose * Wild Type * Woma * [/box]

They are a very interesting species to keep, and have a wide range of personalities. In general, they are a docile animal that mostly hide away and prefer minimal contact. However, as with many animals there are exceptions! We have some that are almost aggressive, and some that hide all of the time. Most are content to be just left alone and be fed regularly.

They are found in the wild in Western Africa, in the regions of Ghana, Benin and Togo and in a lot of these areas, they are worshipped and considered sacred. Many of our Wild Type females are named after some of these regions as they were very apt names for them.

They do not grow too large, and also do not like a big enclosure as they are agoraphobic. This means they do not like wide open spaces. In their natural habitat, they live in rodent burrows under the ground, only venturing out when they are hungry. They do not tend to roam far, so do not need a large enclosure. A 3ft vivarium, if you are wanting to display them is plenty big enough for a fully grown adult, as long as there are plenty of hiding places for them. This means that they are a great pet snake for someone that might not have much room. There are many different types of housing available, which can blend in with whichever colour scheme you have for your room.