Albino is one of the most commonly recognised genetic mutations in any animal. It is the lack of melanin, or black pigment in their colouration that makes them an unusual colour.

In some it shows itself as a white animal with pink or red eyes. This is the most easily identified variation, for example in mammals. Albino corn snakes, also called Amelanistic (without melanin) are red and orange, but in pythons it is yellow and white with red eyes.

Albino is a recessive gene, so the gene must come from both the mother and the father to be expressed in the offspring. It can also be combined with other genes to make a combination morph, for example Albino Pinstripe, Albino Black Pastel or Albino Lesser Platinum. Pattern mutations go particularly well with albino as it changes the colour as well as the pattern of the animal.

There are also many types of albino, such as faded, high contrast and blush.

We are working with MKR Yellow Blush Albino carriers, and also Albino combined with Genetic Stripe and Albino Piebald projects.