Black Pastel

Black Pastel is a co-dominant colour and pattern mutation. Put simply, co-dominant means that each of the offspring bred from a co-dom to a normal parent has a 50% chance of being a visual morph.

There is always a ‘super’ form of a co-dominant morph where both genes on the locus or pair are the co-dom gene. This is usually visually different to the original morph. Some super forms look the same, but all offspring produced from this parent will be the morph. This is the case with the Pinstripe mutation.

Black Pastel has a super form- the Super Black Pastel. It is almost all black. It is a very similar mutation to the Cinnamon morph, and can produce nearly the same combinations.

Black Pastels vary in pattern and colour, but overall have a similar look to them.

We are working with Black Pastel in different combinations as we prefer the look of it over the Cinnamon mutation.