Kali is a very special royal python to us. She was one of our first royals, and was named after Kali the Destroyer due to her aggressive feeding response!

She has a banded pattern, which is very pretty and has proven to be genetic. When we first bred her in 2009 with a pastel male, she made some very pretty banded pastels. We held these back as they were all female. They were extremely bright, and just got better with age.

In 2010, we bred her with a Fire male. Again, the offspring had the banded pattern, and were extremely bright. We held back the banded Fire girls and a Female banded ‘normal’.

We are now working with another breeder who purchased some of our Kali offspring, conducting breeding trials to see what we can find out. She is a very special animal to us, and we are very excited to see what she will produce in the future for us.