Mojave is a co-dominant mutation that alters colour and pattern. It has a super form, the Super Mojave, which is similar to the Blue Eyed Leucistic in that it is mostly white with blue eyes, however the Super Mojave has a faded purple coloured head pattern where most Blue Eyed Leucistics are pure white.

Mojave is part of the Blue Eyed Leucistic complex, along with Butter and Lesser Platinum (among others). Any combination of these (Butter + Butter, Butter + Lesser, Butter + Mojave, Lesser + Mojave etc) would have the chance of producing a Blue Eyed Leucistic.

When crossed with one of the other morphs, the Blue Eyed Leucistic produced would be pure white, it is just the Super Mojave variant that has the head pattern.

We are lucky enough to be working with Mojave in combination with Hypo or Orange Ghost.