We also have a small group of Western Hognoses. An almost adult female Normal, and a pair of 2011 Albinos.

They are a relatively small snake, and as such are ideal for those with limited space. They have more personality than a lot of snakes, and are mildly venomous, but are rear fanged, so it is hard to get bitten by them. If you do, the venom is designed for their natural prey in the wild, which is mostly frogs! So unless you’re a frog it is not deadly!

It is possible to get a reaction from the venom, in the same way it is possible to be allergic to bee or wasp stings, so it is always a good idea to take care.

These are one of Sami’s favourite snakes, and being as they take up so little room, we are planning on expanding our group in the future, including other morphs such as Axanthic and other forms of Albino.